About this site

This website is a compendium of works made between my early student days in 1980 and the present day. It is arranged in vertical scroll of chronological periods of varying duration defined by particular shifts in my circumstances or approach. Each period is headlined by 3 images that seem to encompass it and behind each image is a horizontal string of other works or background images.

The work may appear diverse but to me, as the producer, it seems consistent with a way of thinking about the world. Occasionally I have inserted into the string of images a short text offering a reflection on particular works.

The 'Current' pages are there to accumulate images, texts and drawings related to ongoing projects. I have divided them into 3 sections; projects (public arena), studio and writing.

The 'information' section contains a short biography with a downloadable CV and a card archive which aims to capture some of the atmosphere of the printed matter produced to support exhibitions and a bibliography page with a selection of downloadable texts and links.

The website is to my own design with invaluable technical and design support from Rich White along with advice and assistance from Katrin Albrecht and Laura Ford.

Photographs are by:
Hugo Glendinning
Rich White
Stephen White
Andrew Sabin
Laura Ford
Katrin Albrecht

Many thanks for their kind permissions to use them.